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You poor thing!I feel absolutely no sympathy for you.

I have worked in retail as a assistant store manger and store manager and am so glad to see true colors like yours shine! Surely you and your dumb a## fellow associates arent ignorant enough to claim every complaint is bs! Im not a dumb a##... Wait I take that back, I was dumb enough to pay for a computer desk and wait 6months for it while you and your dumb a## coworkers never called me, apologized, researched it, or did a *** thing.

So it isnt that I received bad customer service, its that I didnt receive any!! I did your work for you. And I was nice and understanding because I too work in retail and understand what it is like being on the receiving end of complaints. I am however not dumb enough to *** the hand that feeds me unlike you.

You are obviously very immature and and very inexperienced.

If I was your boss, i'd rather run my business,without you.I hope you have different plans for your career path since it seems you wont be successful in retail.

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