Less than 6 months ago I purchase the Winter Park collection bedroom set for my 10-year-old daughter.

One evening approximately one month ago, when she was getting into her full size bed the wooden rail (glued to the frame) collapsed. The materials are of poor quality and construction.

I contacted the store to advise them of my issue. It was not addressed, therefore I went into the store carrying the piece of my child's bed that broke. I was avoided by all sales personnel. I walked straight to the display of the same bed and lifted the mattress for find the exact same damage on their floor model and took a photo of this damage, again not one person employed by Hank's had approached me at this time.

I then walked to the customer service counter, broken chunk of bed in my hand and advised that I wish to speak to a manager as they would likely not want me to have this discussion with me out in the open.

A store manager approached me, I had her follow me to the floor model and showed her that the item on display is damaged in the exact same place.

At present I have been advised that this is a manufacturer issue and that the manufacturer will likely offer me replacement parts or replace the bed entirely. It is apparent that if the floor model possess the same damage that the entire produce line is junk.

I am requesting a refund and that they retrieve this hazardous furniture from my home. It is fortunate that my daughter did not but her nose of the head board or have an appendage smashed between the mattress and bed frame when the bed from their Winter Park collection broke.

As of yet, this issue has not been resolved.

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