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I have not had a good experience with this company. We bought a bedroom set on August 6. I mean I spent a lot of money in the store. I bought two dressers, two nightstands, a complete king size bed, and a brand new mattress. My salesman, Kyle, was nice enough. He was just happy to make a sale it seemed. He didn't seem to know a lot about the furniture. He kept looking at the back of the tag for information. We financed our merchandise, meaning my credit had to be ran. Once we picked out everything, we went to the front desk to finalize everything, and that's where the nightmare began.

He started running everything through the system. Then decided to let me know that literally none of the merchandise was in stock. Okay, the main thing I was worried about was the mattress. We needed a new mattress and I couldn't spend too much longer on the one I had. It was killing my back. He had originally told me that the mattress was in, then when we got up to the desk, he said that they just sold the last one. Typical. Then he let me know that it would probably be about 2 weeks before we could get our furniture delivered. Okay, I can wait 2 weeks, but I wanted to pick up my mattress as soon as I could. So we completed the transaction and had to pay sales tax and delivery fees up-front. I didn't even get out of the parking lot and knew I had made a bad decision already.

The mattress was no big deal. I got to pick it up that weekend and I was fine with it. We gave our old bed away to someone and ended up having mattresses on the floor for what I thought would be two weeks. After about a week and a half, I decided to call my salesman, Kyle, and check up on our furniture. He would look in the computer and have this or that, but didn't have something else. I ended up doing this run around with him for a month, then he finally told me that they should have everything in on September 11th. FINALLY right? "Unfortunately," he would say, "we only deliver in your area every other Thursday. Do you want me to put you on the list for delivery on the 24th?" I told him that if I had no other choice but to wait another 2 weeks for it, then I guess that's what would have to happen. He let me know that someone would call me that week and set up a time for the 26th.

So here we are the Tuesday before the delivery date. I decide to call Kyle to be doubly sure he didn't forget about me. After all, I hadn't bugged him in about 3 weeks. "Hanks Fine Furniture" the man answered. "Is Kyle there?" I asked. "I'm sorry, Kyle is no longer with us. Can I help you with something?"-Seriously? Okay, so now I have to deal with someone else and I had my "I'm not happy" voice on. I let him know that I'm supposed to get my furniture delivered on Thursday. He starts looking through the computer. Can't seem to find anything. He'll have to call me back. GREAT! I was sure to get his name seeing as I got the old "I'll call back shortly" from this store before. About an hour later, he finally calls back and lets me know that I'm on the list for Thursday, "but did Kyle tell you that you will not be getting your nightstands?" UGH!!!! I'm so irritated at this point. So I dare ask WHEN these are expected, and yes, this guy tells me NOVEMBER!!!! I was so irritated. I didn't cuss the guy out, like I really wanted to at this point, but he could tell I was not happy. He let me know someone would call me the following night to set up a time to deliver.

So here it is, the morning of the long awaited delivery. Mind you I did NOT receive a call Wednesday night. I had my husband call when the store finally opened (10 am) and check on this. He calls and the saleswoman that answers doesn't show a delivery to us until the end of October! WHAT? At this point, we'd had enough. My husband then let her know that he would be picking up the furniture himself that very day and that she would need to take the delivery fee off of the account. He was very displeased with the service that we'd received and we would NEVER be shopping at Hanks Filthy Furniture again. But wait, there's more...

We then drive to the warehouse to pick up the furniture. My husband goes in to talk to them for a quite a while, gets back in the truck (with no furniture), and lets me know that the furniture is not there. OH MY GOSH!!! So apparently when I had called Tuesday night, the salesman I spoke to realized that Kyle had pushed back our delivery date. He also realized that I was not happy. He called the manager at the warehouse and asked them to make a special exception for us. So when we showed up to pick up our furniture (minus nightstands of course), there was a delivery truck on it's way to our house. We finally got it delivered that afternoon, but what a pain in my side!

By the way, I just got off the phone with Hanks Filthy Furniture, and my nightstands aren't due in until mid-November. Yes, that's over 3 months! DO NOT buy anything from this store.

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You both have such sad stories.I can't imagine having to deal with that EXCEPT for maybe when I watched my best friend sent to the war and then learning yest that he had been shot.

I decided to search different company's for a sofa...only to discover that many, MANY furniture company's have complaints. The one questions I wanted answered were one-Have you worked in a furniture store? two-Can you understand how many people are in the line of furniture construction, packing, delivery, sales and then CUSTOMERS? Customers are the worst.

The most whiny people who thinks the world revolves around flash there is a bigger world out there than you and your relentless self. I wonder if people grow weary of dealing with you and decided they would stop trying to do everything in their power to help....If I were you I would stay away from Hank's too, but only because I doubt they would want to work with you or for you.

Your business isn't something most consumers would want except maybe K-Mart.Good luck with them.


I have a very long and sad story about my experience with Hanks Filthy furniture (December 2009).I would tell it but it's so painful to recount that I've almost repressed the memory :sigh With that said I'll just sum it up like this.

Hank's is terrible and I've told every person I know to stay away from them at all costs.

Hank's goes out of their way to provide torturously bad customer service.:(

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